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Senior Therapy

Late adulthood is often defined by its transitions, with new sets of challenges and rewards. Retirement or late-life career changes can impact seniors' access to work's built-in social outlets and self-esteem boosts. Health challenges can bring anxiety or depression. Changes to independence and the loss of friends and loved ones can result in isolation and grief. Encouragingly, late adulthood also offers unprecedented opportunities for enrichment and reflection, plus renewed purpose and connection with others through shared experience and wisdom.

The idea of receiving support in the form of psychotherapy can be new to some seniors. But research shows psychotherapy is particularly helpful for seniors. Many seniors suffer from untreated mental health challenges, and many symptoms of mental health challenges can mimic symptoms of other health problems, such as dementia. Unlike medications and other forms of treatment, psychotherapy has little risk or side effects. For seniors, psychotherapy is one of the most effective and least risky approaches to improve your mental health and satisfaction with your life.

Seniors who have worked with Peter McClure have found relief from challenges associated with depression, anxiety, loss and grief, loneliness, self-esteem, relationships, family, finding meaning and purpose, changing health needs, dependence and death. Seniors of all genders and orientations experience safety, trust, and respect when working with Peter McClure.

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